Having started when I was in the States this year, it seems I’ve well and truly caught the timelapse bug! I’m no Mike Olbinski but then I don’t have his weather.

With the South Downs on my doorstep however, and living in an apartment where my balcony affords such a fantastic view, I’m privileged enough to be able to view some amazing skyscapes on occasion. Stormy days and their preceding hours usually yield the best results and contain my favourite weather and August held some notable events. Days of unstable skies from advecting plumes of warm moist air, zones of convergence giving birth to towering convection and funnel clouds across the region and fields of Altocumulus and Altostratus providing sunsets of crimson and gold; it’s been a weather nerd’s paradise. With summer coming to and end and Autumn on the approach, I’m hoping the change in season brings even more interesting results.

Shot throughout August on a Canon 80 using Sigma wide-angle and Tamron super-zoom lenses, this video is hopefully the first of many.

As always, thanks for watching.